Badges Design Canvas

badge-canvasBadge Design Canvas is a useful instrument for designing Open Badges. It has been developed by DigitalMe in UK and can be downloaded as PDF here:


The German version of the Badge Designed Canvas has been created by Ilona Buchem and can be downloaded as PDF here:


Badges design Foodzy

Foodzy – a personal, digital food journal – has created a nice design for their badges.



You can view the complete list of foodzy badges  including the description of each badges and the information on how to unlock these badges here.

Open Badges Design: Research

a collection of great badges designs

We have been looking for some inspiration for the design for the Beuth Badges. We would like to keep Beuth Badges in line with the corporate design of Beuth University.

The PLE Conference 2012 Badges

NASA Carbon Monitoring System Badges

Seton Hall Achievement Badges (very similar to our ideas)


Authentic Vector Badges(nice shapes and borders)

authentic vecttor badges

Inspiration on how to make the GUI Design helping teachers create there own badges:


really nice Badges for a Project using Mozilla Open Badges, showing the “Level” Option for Badges:


really nice shaping:


and a great collection of ribbon designs to use on higher level badges:

What badges design do you like? Thank you for sharing and links!