Beuth Badges is an R&D project at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin led by Ilona Buchem – professor for digital media. The R&D team comprises of Peggy Sennewald (technical development) and Magdalena Kierat (interface design). The idea of Beuth Badges is inspired by one of the Mozilla DML Competition winners – Moodle as Issuer, Mahara as Displayer.

Based on the idea of integrating Moodle, Mahara and Open Badges with Moodle as issuer and Mahara as displayer, our project aims at exploring new ways of integrating digital badges into higher education and beyond. The team in the Beuth Badges project develops didactic, design and technology concepts and prototypes which are applied in a number of educational scenarios including:

  • Higher education courses (on-campus)
  • Higher education courses (online)
  • Qualification programs, e.g. Credit Points
  • International student collaborations, e.g. Connected Learning
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

This blogs reports on the development of Beuth Badges.

Besides informing about the current progress, we are also looking forward to discussing ideas and possible cooperations with you!

Thank you for dropping us a line!

Ilona Buchem, Peggy Sennewald and Magdalena Kierat

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